Welcome In our Stores

“Amsterdam Today” was founded at 1997 and has ever since then been a highly liked and valued destination for tourists to purchase traditional Dutch souvenirs, smoking equipment, and many other kinds of memorabilia.

“Amsterdam Today” attracts and meets the needs of many types of tourists due to its wide range of items for sale. These include, but are not limited to, items such as traditional Dutch shoes and porcelain figurines, hundreds of T-shirt designs for both men and ladies, various kinds of pipes, bongs, and grinders, mugs, entertaining joke souvenirs, and many many more.

“Amsterdam Today” has a store at the well-known and central Damrak street, only minutes away from Amsterdam’s DAm -square

This convenient location makes it easy to find and is therefore highly approachable for tourists. The store is constantly re-stocked with new items, responding flexibly to the demands and tastes of all international tourists.